How Does Your Fire Burn?

Flames. We all have them, it’s whether they are old, new, or ones that we wish would begin already.

The real question is “what is the purpose of the flames in our lives, and do they light our path or make our visions darker?

The Old Flame

Everyone’s favorite. The one who got away, the one who won’t go away, or the one you just can’t stop having sex with. Either way this situation is typically not the healthiest of relationships even though these are the most thought-provoking encounters. You will discover a lot about yourself though old flames-where you’ve been and where you unconsciously refuse to go.

The New Flame

Late night outings with your potential ‘love interest’ that take you sky-high all the way to rock bottom, and somehow the butterflies always manage to keep you afloat. Your new flame causes your emotions to test your limits that your mind knows that it’s better off not doing, but that’s the beauty of it. That disconnect between mind and emotion-that’s the thrill. Most likely you’re damaged from your old flame or still “involved” with them so the timing is off (as you would say), but when is the timing ever right?

The Flame We Wish Existed

In other words, desire. Circumstances from past relationships coupled with current positions in life give birth to a flame that is powered by wavering emotion. Desire is life’s mood ring. It changes so much that we at times become complacent with not knowing what we want-we just know that we want something. So we soul search, not actually looking for anything just hoping that somehow something will hit us in the face hard enough that we realize that we were living without it.


We can either keep flames alive or let them engulf us as we are. 


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