Nine to Fiv(ever)

Sometimes life feels like a continuous ladder, like those old school Mario games where you had to dodge the barrels Donkey Kong threw at you in an attempt to save Peach (why the hell was she always in trouble?) She need to sit her ass down somewhere.

Anyway, as I venture from milestone to milestone its as if life throws these big ass barrels packed with trials and tribulations at me. Its all good though, it just makes you better at life-if there’s such a thing. However, as I’ve journeyed through the years I have reached a new stage now. The post-college graduation, entry-level, nine-to-five lifer stage.

This is where you’re supposed to take everything that you’ve learned thus far and kick life (Donkey Kong) in the ass right?


 This shit is like a cumulative test.

 I hate cumulative tests.

 Hear me out though. Its not a case of unreadiness, or a lack of enthusiasm even, its finding time to continuously invest in yourself outside of your career aspirations.

We become sucked into blasting off towards our career aspirations while coping with the decline of our past college lifestyle, and the nightmarish deep gazes into the canyon-depths of our wallets eerily watching our worldly travel plans slowly desecrate. This clearly assists us in our incarceration by our day jobs.

Understandably each phase of life becomes harder and requires a new level of discipline. Trying to keep hold of your composure while not losing your sanity is not an easy task. Whether its post-secondary education, cultivating the foundation of your artistic talents or just finding time to be secluded or social.

You have to find time to invest in yourself.

 Especially in the corporate world in which I have for some reason chosen to willingly dwell in, you have to realize that no matter how bad you want it that this is a marathon and not a sprint. This epiphany somewhat calms you.

Then you realize that even though you made it far you never did beat that Mario game…

Yeah, that should motivate you.



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