Making Love to Lust

Isn’t this everything you ever wanted?


It’s like you sold your soul and you can’t get it back. 

*cues song

(Yeah buddy rolling like a big shot)

I remember watching this movie when I was younger, I wish I remembered the name. Basically, this young guy sold his soul to the devil for everything he ever wanted, it was to be like a rockstar or something. Long story short, the grass was not green on the other side- at least not for long.

So this isn’t me saying I sold my soul or some shit like that, definitely not on a demonic tip. Just saying, as young men we grow up to peer pressure per say- to have sex which symbolizes our masculinity. It’s like if you weren’t having sex (even at an early age) “something’s wrong with you.”

As humans we get caught in our habits. Our habits become all we know, and we become products of our environment, whether we decide to deter from those situations or essentially become them.

Anyway, back to the love lust making fornicating stuff.

We’ve all had them: things, flings, one night stands and ‘damn I shouldn’t of done thats’.

Ugly truths we reveal about ourselves, to ourselves-and everybody else that finds out about it. Last time I checked love was one of the Seven Deadly Sins, that shit ain’t no joke I thought karma was bad (inserts sarcastic laugh).

Not saying I’m out here “lusting it up” but when does casual sex become lust? If you’re not in a monogamous relationship are you lusting?

If so, we all fucked up.

It’s like a drug, you get really high, then you keep trying to get that initial ‘amazing’ high, but you can’t. So you do it more, you do different shit, but deep down you know it’ll never be the same. You’re numb to it now. You can stop, but you’re afraid to.

Our habits become all we know. 

Like an abusive relationship (stretch comparison) but really, you become comfortable with the situation just because you know what’s going to happen. Like pain tolerance, you’re aware, no surprises.

Hmm, but when you say it like that it sounds so fucked up.

Pun intended. 


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