Poker Face

It’s crazy how it was “easier when it was harder.”

When they expected nothing of you, and you didn’t have anything to lose. Suddenly, you have the ability to fall. Scary thought huh. We were young and hungry (figuratively and literally) ready to face the world and everyone in it.

We were dreamers in our imagined safe haven that we replaced our realities with. Laughing at our pains with each other to lighten the heartache. A lot of the things I do is for you, knowing that you look up to me- I try to keep my composure. But if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here. Seemingly not phased by the trials and tribulations, doing everything we dreamed of.

I remember breaking down…completely. 

Out of work, out of school, and out of money my family abandoned me. I probably couch hopped for a solid two years. Slept in my car a bit too. Real deal homeless shit, you were there too. We lost everything, but we didn’t lose our dreams.

It’s a shame because sometimes I don’t dream anymore, and I have to take myself back to where it all started so I don’t forget. I even went a month without eating meat, and it was tough, and I was hungry as hell, but I somehow took myself back to that place.

We always want the future to come without enjoying the present. Whether if things are good or bad, because we sometimes forget it can always be worse- and it can always get better.

I guess those are my words of encouragement for today.


Well, well. Sounds good don’t it.


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