Bitter Ends & Sweet Beginnings

Everyday that passes you learn that life is more about the intangibles than the materialistic things.

Moments become memories that stay with you for the rest of time. I guess that’s why they say someone will always remember how you made them feel- soul ties, chains and scars.

That’s Deep.

Anyway, I’m about to start a new journey in my life. Which I can’t wait to start but I know I’m going to miss “the now” later on. I’ve always been someone to plan ahead. I would even plan ahead to procrastinate (now that’s dedication).

I’m not scared, at least I don’t think so because I have a plan. Career, school, and personal aspirations revolve around my brain 24/7. I’m hungry for success, but I’ve learned that success is perspective based and subjective to its proprietor. Is it money, station, or family? Or is it simply the pursuit and acquiring happiness. To pass over to the other side with positive vibes and a smile.

I currently feel like the young warrior who has matured enough to leave his home and loved ones behind in order to venture the world. Whether I ultimately create a kingdom yonder or return to help the village prosper after growing is the next chapter.

Either way there’s no easy way to say goodbye, because there’s no guarantee that I’ll ever be back.

Starting over. Thinking of yourself and what you desire to accomplish is somewhat selfish. Emotionally detaching yourself from those around you to make the change easier, purposely viewing the world in black & white. I feel like Atlanta has done all it can for me right now, and Atlanta,

I want to thank you for everything.


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