My head is full of thoughts, but the crazy part is I don’t even know where to start.

I’m about to start the beginning of the rest of my life, and for a weekend I was able to have a taste of what that will be like.

I can sum Las Vegas up into one phrase.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted, and everything that will consume you.”

I see why they call this shit “Sin City” It’s not solely because of the access to drugs, gambling or prostitution- it’s literally an open bar to whatever your vice is in life.

Vegas is similar to Atlanta, but it’s like if this shit was a video game Atlanta would be ‘Normal’ mode and Vegas would be ‘Hard as fuck’.

Is it weird that I like this shit though?

I’m aroused by the difficulty of the lifestyle. I loved Atlanta because I always categorized it as the concrete jungle. The city will either make you or break you. I love that, I really do.

I grew up with a “you’re not even supposed to be here” mentality when it came to my spare share of successes, so I always had very few cares in the world.

Eventually I changed my mentality towards success to being habitual instead of accidental, that’s when I began to realize that nothing was by chance- I am exactly where I belong.

You wouldn’t believe me but here’s a true story. Around the age of 13 was probably the toughest years of my life for reasons that we may or may not ever talk about. Anyway, I used to tell my best friend that one day I would get away and move to Nevada, (this is before I knew Las Vegas existed).

He would ask, “Why Nevada?”

I don’t know, it just feels right.  

To my younger self I must say yes.

Yes, it does.


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