I don’t talk about relationships much, because I don’t feel like I’m qualified to do so.

If I counted the amount of relationships I’ve had I would still be on one hand and I wouldn’t need all of my fingers (tragic).

However, I have had my fair share of Honeymoons.

Honeymoons? Yeah, honeymoons. Not the just married type of honeymoon, more like just hit it off-and for some reason kept going.

They say a lot of things about the millennials.  They say we’re impatient, selfish and entitled to a sense of instant gratification.

Whether the aforementioned traits hold substantial validity is irrelevant, however millennials have combined some of these traits and formed a “hook-up” culture.

Personally, I believe that the bulk of the issue lies in the foundation from which we stem our relationships from. If we filter our focus to the African-American community, most children reach adolescence in a single parent household, witness a divorce or a combination of the two.

The perspective of a healthy relationship is most times construed from the start, and although mirroring the habits of one’s predecessors is not an excuse, you have to admit it is hard to break a such a vicious cycle when you’re surrounded by it.

Picture this.

If you have a home it can only be as strong as the foundation it was built upon. If the foundation is weak then no matter the aesthetics of the home, it will waver from the inside out. We are not always products of our environments, but your roots are tied to you, like inherited genetics-whether you accept the reality of it or not.

Strayed a bit, but back to the honeymoons, the situation has become similar to a disease without an antidote. An epidemic that has come in contact with everyone.

I have theories of why society has become lost in this ‘sunken place’ and has yet to get out (see what I did there?).

The Presence of Social Media

  • Social media has become a third party in our relationships. Its as if the world is always watching our movements. Where we are, what we’re doing, and how we’re feeling. The interference of social media in modern day relationships definitely is a cause for shortcomings.

The Art of Peer Pressure

  • Many times we rush relations and turn them into relationships just to watch the ship sink faster than you’d finish watching Titanic (spoiler alert). Whether it comes internally, from family and friends, or complete strangers-applying pressure to relationships rarely makes diamonds.

A Plethora of Intercourse

  • Fancy title, but sex, sex, sex, sex, sex- And more sex. It wouldn’t be a honeymoon without sex right? We’ve become attached to the heightening of our skin’s sensation that we let it overshadow our spirit energy and misconstrue that temporary feeling for love. Yes. You love how it feels, but what happens when you come down? What a cheap vacation.

Overall, we’re deadlocked in this tug-of-war with love. Stuck in redundant honeymoon stages with one another, and unfortunately some of us can’t even make it that far. Some are lucky. Some have broken the trance that was set upon us by Pandora’s box while others still have some ways to go.

As long as you lose yourself enough to find yourself it’ll all be worth it.

Embrace the journey, embrace the feeling.

Happy honeymooning.



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