Cause & Effect

I actually was inspired to go on a tangent about the drive that I have in life, but as the day went on that kind of subsided (bummer).

Anyway, I kind of just felt like writing, but I’ll try to flow with the subject topic. It’s weird that I can’t really express myself-but it’s not. I’ve been writing for over 13 years and I could write a book about how I feel, but if you ask me to tell you how I feel you’ll get the stale face.

There’s still parts of myself I choose to ignore. Definitely unfair to others but I believe it’s more unfair to myself. We all have our own internal battles, and we all have a story.

A prologue to our masterpiece biography. Everyone’s story matters, and every interaction you have with someone you become a part of someone’s story.

That’s some deep shit.

I say that a lot, but it’s real.
It’s actually entertaining, but somewhat eerie that I’m so nonchalant. Growing up I had a temper like no other, but eventually it just disappeared- I became cold.
Even though there are still minute things that can set me completely the fuck off, but I left those circumstances behind long ago.

Im an introvert, but only at times, I thought that I talked too much. Guess that’s the Gemini in me (gang-gang).

Okay I’m done lol.

Seriously though, If I broke down my life it’d an oxymoron in short, but I guess that’s the beauty of it. It’s not supposed to make sense. That’s what makes you different.

Hmm. Growing up I had a knack for not finishing things I started, like running away from my problems. Main reason I came back to Georgia in the first place. To finish what I started. I don’t feel like I’m running away this time though.

This time, it’s actually time to go.


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