It’s June 1st 2017.

Amongst other things I’ve graduated college, traveled to a country across the world, joined a fraternity, and landed my first entry-level career job.

When you add your accolades to your “Life Resume” the bullet points fall short of describing the weight of what it took to achieve those accomplishments.

The constant failures that made the successes so pleasurable.

So, lets go back.

June 1st 2011.

After moving out of my mother’s house because of a not-so-good situation with her husband at the time, I moved in with my Dad in Greensboro, North Carolina during my senior year of high school. I actually wasn’t very social at all during my stay-purposely. I didn’t want to become attached to my new place of residence. When I say residence I mean the school, and people. Since my dad was a traveling construction worker we lived in a trailer, in a trailer park.

Safe to say I didn’t bring many girls home.

I didn’t even walk at my high school graduation. They just mailed my diploma to me. Its kind of weird seeing all the high school kids go all out, because I didn’t experience that at all. (Sarcastically laughs). What was really a bummer are the track scholarship offers that were withdrawn after my ankle injury. Yeah that sucked, anyway I moved back to Georgia after being accepted into Georgia State, but I didn’t move home. I moved in with my uncle, aunt, and cousin whom I really didn’t know.

Let me tell ya, he wasn’t very happy to share his room with me.

I wish I could break it all down, but neither of us would have the time. Long story short we grew out of that room- and we grew together. We both were burdened with life trials and teetered on the brink of insanity. Or what seemed like insanity. From getting our drivers licenses, to starting our journey of “how many jobs we can work at once” I must say the beginning wasn’t easy.

January 1st 2012

 After that wild first fall semester of college which I commuted to every day (what a drag), I found out that since I didn’t yet qualify for hope I couldn’t attend college for the spring semester. What was even better my parents told me that they were not obligated to pay my way for school, and they wouldn’t help-it was more so my stepdad at the time though.

I just looked at my moms like “Damn Son, where’d you find this one.”

I remember that day vividly. I threw a whole grown man ass tantrum (lmao). I punched a hole in the wall, I went in the bathroom and I cried angrily. That was like the first time I just broke down and said fuck it. Fuck this shit. Then my cousin came in the bathroom and embraced me and said, “what the fuck are you doing? You don’t need them, you don’t need anybody,  I’ve seen you grind everyday, nobody can tell you no, you’re going make it happen, I look up to you- so get your ass up.”

I grew up an only child, but at that point I didn’t feel like I had a cousin, I felt like I had a brother.

November 1st 2012

I found my way back in school through a plethora of loans, and credit cards- but dammit I made it. A biology major who wasn’t so good at biology. This was my second breakdown. Between the parties, the girls, the drugs, and  the ups and downs…

I lost sight of who I was.

Now that I finally was back in school on my own I realized I didn’t want to be the doctor that my family wanted me to be. I had to search deep inside myself to figure out what I wanted to do. I asked all my friends why they were majoring in what they chose, and what they wanted to do, but nothing stuck for me.

I loved to write, but I didn’t think I could make a career out of it. Until I came across Journalism. Biology to Journalism, what kind of shit is that, but This shit right here? This shit changed my life.

 I found the one puzzle piece that made everything begin to fit together.


January 1st 2014

I finally stayed on Campus, this is when I whole heartedly decided to peruse being in a fraternity. Yeah, that was interesting just being a first generation college student. I used to think that stuff was stupid.

Actually I didn’t know what a fraternity even was before High School. I remember this basketball player told me “frat guys are dudes who can’t get pussy on their own, so they hang together”

Now that I’m the other side, I disagree old friend.

Now I have more brothers, than I can count.

April 1st 2015- December 2016

 I became a member of the greatest fraternity known to man (throws countless shade), and I studied abroad in Dubai. I worked for Apple for two years, and eventually I had some pretty stacked internships too. Moral of the story?

I fell over and over again. At times I crumbled to pieces, but I ended up holding it together.

This is just the watered down version of my path. In reality, I’m just reminding myself of where I’ve been so I know that no matter where I go I can handle it.

I never would have imagined that I would be blessed enough to be in the position I’m in and meet the people I’ve become acquainted with along the way.

They always said I wasn’t going to be shit. Now they’re watching to see how far I’ll go.

Don’t blink.


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