It’s 2:23 AM and it just so happens that I can’t sleep. I wouldn’t say that my mind is racing or anything but there is a lot going on (as always).

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the future a lot lately. Not like “present-future,” more like “future-future.”

I would think that the combination of Father’s Day thoughts and my upcoming birthday does not have my mind at ease. No, I’m not a father, nor do I have a baby on the way (dab), but seriously I turn 24 in a few days, but that’s actually not my present concern at all.

I’m more worried about what the future holds as far as investing in myself and accomplishing my set-goals. I guess that’s what happens when you get “old.” I remember ten years ago, couldn’t wait to be older.

Now you just wish time would hold the fuck up for a moment,

“Like chill bro, memories are great and all but let a brother enjoy the moment-sheesh.”

 So here I am. A recent college graduate knee high in school debt (about to ante up and go to grad school sooner than later), in the midst of that-relocating across America for my first career job (no pressure). However, I’m over that part “we here now” (laughs out loud).

I’m more so thinking about my 5-year plan. I’ve always liked having a plan, you have to know what you want to reach your destination. The road will never be as you imagine, but as long as you know where you want to be eventually you’ll get there.

So, I guess ill break down my “5-year plan into 5 bullets” (free trial version) haha.

  • Publish my first poetry book and novel

Even though I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to be on my literary works, this has been and will always be a huge life goal for myself. Not for the money, or what could be notoriety. I just love to write, and I embrace my story and journey wholeheartedly. I feel like writing is really how you live forever.

  • Travel the World

I am definitely a nomad at heart. I love to travel. Half is the rush and experiences, the other half is that I love food and like to eat foods from different cultures. Those sights that really take your breath away are dope too, you know? The ones you just have to soak in and say, “Damn I really am here right now.” Definitely need more of those, positive vibes.

  • Receive my Masters Degree, and Excel in my Profession

As a first generation college student, and African-American man I’ve always sought to raise the bar. Set the tone, and build that bridge for others after me. Definitely have high goals for myself, that’s why I’m so hard on myself and those that I associate myself with. Iron sharpens iron, and this is definitely a world we have to adapt to. As far as profession, I love the art of communication, telling the story and engaging the audience. As long as I’m doing what I love, I will never mind doing what I’m doing.

  • Get Married, Own a Home, (Travel Some More), Have Kids

Everyone has personal systems that work for them. Hopefully my eventually-to-be wife agrees with my perspective. Basically, I feel like people rush marriage, and having children or vice-versa (whichever comes first). I want to get married, travel with my wife and enjoy being married before we take turns losing sleep because of the baby. Buy our first house together, all that boss shit you know. Then have kids, paint the room together, 90’s love movie stuff. Back when it was cool to be real. I feel like I’m stuck back then, Yall can have this. Excuse my tangent, but that would be dope if it happened like that. 

Last but not least…. (Drumroll please)

  • Be Happy 

Definitely believe that this is the most important goal that we should all have. Enjoying all the things that you do, and loving the things that you do. Embracing family and loved ones. That’s why we are happy to wake up everyday. That pursuit of happiness. Even if the journey is rough, don’t forget to smile.

That’s your story, that’s the best part.



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