Finding Fruition in Failure

I’m starting to decipher and sift what actually matters in life; heavily in regards to what i deem to be personal success (which is always subjective).

However, you start to realize in any facet before success there must be failure to some degree. Stories of trials and tribulations are heart warming and inspiring but in the midst of it all it sucks.

I can attest it to the sense of entitlement and instant gratification society has fell in love due to the advancement of technology and false promises of the fast track of higher education.

We fall in love with results, but we hate the process. Even though the process is your journey and undoubtedly makes you who you are. Your process is what makes you credible.

I’d rather listen to the man who was poor and became rich than the man born into a fortune. Not to necessarily focus on a monetary outlook, I personally believe the “poor man” has a rich mentality because of the beauty in the struggle.

Focusing on efficiency and sustainability because of the lack thereof. Transforming seemingly infinite failures into success and bearing enough fruit to eat and survive to the next day.

The moral of the story is to not be afraid to fail. Embrace failure, fail with a smile your face even. Reflect on the situation and note all positives and negatives of the situational outcome so next time even if you only make one less mistake it still counts as progress.

Sometimes we forget that the world began with failure. Adam and Eve “failed” when they ate the fruit bore from the tree of knowledge, but they definitely learned their lesson.

So we must learn to find the fruition in our failures, learn from each other, and love our personal journeys. That’s the key to results we hope for. As failure is the key to open the doors of success.


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